A hardware wallet with a safe, contactless transaction experience

Store, send & receive Eth and ERC-20 tokens with Status Hardwallet

Contactless transactions, built for mobile

With NFC, you can now use the Status Hardwallet combined with your mobile device to approve & send payments.

Safer by design

Forget leaving your assets in the vulnerable hands of exchanges or hot wallets online. Isolate your private keys into the safety of your Status Hardwallet offline.

Transactions with Eth and most tokens

Status Hardwallet is built to be compatible with all major cryptocurrencies including Eth and ERC-20 token tokens.

Customize your Status Hardwallet based on your needs

As Status Hardwallet is open source, you can easily see, use and and edit the code to suit your requirements.

Early Access

Status Hardwallet beta is invite only. Leave your email to request early access and try it out.

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